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Standard web design seo

    With many years of experience in the field of website design, website development and promotion in various forms, from the application of Internet environment, we not only draw experiences to bring customers products, quality services but also understand the needs, interests as well as customer psychology that our partners are providing.

The criteria for a professional seo website:

The website must ensure regular operation, (Website must be operational 24/7)
Website must have a fast page load speed (users do not have to wait for access). According to general statistics, users are very impatient when more than 3 seconds but have not seen any components in the site appear.
Website must have eye-catching interface, images and colors, attracting users to visit (high aesthetics).
The website must have a layout, full disclosure, reasonable, not too redundant and redundant, suitable to the needs of users that the business direction.
The information products, services, business introduction should be complete and clear, so that visitors can easily find information about you.
The website must be highly interactive, keeping users longer on your site for information. It also helps your website increase the conversion rate from a web visitor to your higher customer.
The functions of the website must be easy to use, focus on the needs and avoid the cumbersome procedures, not suitable for hard users and impatient.
A final and general criteria, the website must bring business benefits of the business, is an effective tool to help businesses increase sales and save time and money.
Website must be highly compatible to keep pace with new device platforms and technologies.

How do you choose a web design partner?

To find a website design partner, you need to consult information through friends along with searching through the internet. When there are so many companies offering website design services, the price and quality of services in each company is different, it can be very difficult for you to choose a website design partner for yourself. .

Determining which company provides good quality website design services and reasonable price for you is not a simple task. Usually, you have to consult information from many different web design companies then compare and make decisions to choose your website design partner. This process takes a certain amount of time but it does not necessarily deliver the desired effect. The quick determination that we are the partner will help you remove the problems in terms of design, engineering, programming and pricing for your website.

Once you have found a professional website design partner, you will have more time to focus on developing a website plan, including website content, brand identity, website promotion strategies. ... which is an extremely important factor for you to have a professional and effective website.

Why choose web design services at TNET?

    With the experience we have gained over the years with what we have shared with you above. You can rest assured that: we are a good web design partner for your business! The website we designed not only satisfy the user about design patterns with color and eye-catching images, but also the site has a reasonable layout, high interactivity. Here are some reasons that you should put TNET Solutions into the list of web design partners to find out:

1. The site is manually coded using the C # programming language. Apply the latest technology platform (MVC5 / Core 2.0, Bootstrap 4.1, Json, Ajax, Jquery, HTML5.
2. The system is highly compatible with search engines, also known as SEO standard web design. With such a website, it will help your website rank high when users find information related to products or services that you provide. Also, once you have a need to increase website rankings through Google, it will be easier and more cost effective.
3. Satisfying the criteria for a professional website makes it easy for you to reach potential customers through the Internet. This will increase sales, save costs and bring high efficiency to the business.
4. Utilizes the latest technology, cross-platform compatibility and devices, like phones, tablets ...
5. Good warranty and maintenance.

The web design service we provide

A. Package web design (full featured web site): choose from our available templates.

1. Includes: Free

* International domain name .com / .net (free first year)

* Hosting (free first year):

- Storage capacity: 900MB
- Bandwidth / Month: 20GB
- FTP Account: 1
- MySQL: 1
- MSSQL 2012/2016: 1
- Domains: 1
- Subdomain: 3
- Alias / Park Domain: 3
- Email POP3 / webmail: 10
- Support: PHP / JAVA / ASP.NET (MVC 1-5, Core 2.0)
- Tools: Plesk Panel
- Basic seo settings

2. Completion Time: From 05 to 07 Days

3. Package Price: call

II. Web design on demand:

Interface and design functions as required.
Duration: 07 to 10 days
Price: Based on your actual requirements will have a specific price

Process of website design services

With many years of experience working with partners who need website design, with the hardest customers, here is the process that we have summarized to fit most of the scale and organization. Current businesses:

1. Get the required information and research the feasibility.
2. Analyze requirements and plan website design.
3. Design the theme.
4. Database building and web programming.
5. CHeck quality.
6. Acceptance and handover.

With a professional and scientific web design process, each of our products will have:

- Cost reasonable web design.
- Time to complete the short website.
- The website quality is ensure.
- Good after sales service for your website and many other incentives after the website has completed.
- For us, the quality of your products is a top priority in web design.


Please contact for specific advice: Email

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