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TNET provides SEO services since SEO services are starting to develop and are competing when promoting e-commerce websites. SEO is the optimal solution for our web hosting services to bring practical effect to users who create their brand claims on the internet. We have accomplished the SEO project for more than 100 clients.

TNET is one of the companies in the high-margin SEO. That further accentuates the endless effort and foothold of our SEO services on the SEO market in Vietnam.

TNET's professional SEO services will offer a variety of SEO services tailored to suit a wide range of clients for the investment and strategy of each company.

In Vietnam, there are many pioneering professions in SEO services such as travel, door, real estate, but using the company's SEO services overseas. However, due to geographic and language barriers and price constraints. Since 2010 new clients come in contact with SEO services in Vietnam and seek out SEO services in Vietnam as a partner to implement the strategy for their business. TNET receives cheap keyword seo for small and medium business individuals with the most reasonable price and flexibility.


A seo is a collection of optimization methods that make a website search engine friendly, thereby improving the site's ranking when users search for relevant keywords. TNET please send to customers SEO website price list

Difficulty is calculated from 10-30 criteria are listed by:
+ Number of posts when searching by allintitle: "keyword"
Competitive advantage lies in page 1
+ Search keyword number in / 1 month
+ Keyword length (1,2,3, .. words)
+ Keywords not in domain?
+ The life of the domain
+ PR indicators, PA ....
+ The current position of the website on google

Price list / 1 keyword by keyword difficulty

Level of difficult Cost to TOP(usd) Maintenance costs(usd/month) Location Completion time
1 $45.5 usd $4.5 usd Top 5 3 months
2 $136.5 usd $13.7 usd Top 5 3 months
3 $227.5 usd $22.8 usd Top 5 4 months
4 $363.7 usd $36.5 usd Top 5 4 months
5 $454.6 usd $45.5 usd Top 5 4 months
6 $545.5 usd $54.6 usd Top 5 4 months
7 $682 usd $68.2 usd Top 5 5 months
8 $818.2 usd $82 usd Top 5 5 months
9 $909.1 usd $91 usd Top 5 6 months

Note on price:
Each industry will have another price that can increase or decrease or negotiate a reasonable price
+ From 5 to 5 keywords decreased 5% - 5-10 keywords decreased 10% - from 10 to 20 keywords decreased 15%

The steps of implementing SEO
Part I: Analyze the overall SEO campaign cost for the website

Content analysis, structure, PR client's website
Analyze the business.
Analyze competitors in industry.
Keyword analysis needs the SEO of the client.
Rank the user on SEO keywords.

Part II: Start SEO work
1. Website optimization (seo onpage)

Landing page selected keywords for website
Website Optimizer, including: CSS / XHTML, SEF, Web 2.0, Metakey, Googlebot, SitemapXML, RSS, Coment, DIV / Table, JavaScript, XHTML, Images, Flash, Video.
Adjust the current content of the website.
Scatter and keyword focus on the website.

2. Off-site Seo

Post on free pages
Text links to paid sites
Develop interactive social networking website

Part III: Tracking the situation and balance SEO

Install on tracking via Google Analytics.
More optimized through Google webmaster tools.
Updated APIs (Google Maps, Local Businuess Center, Search On-Site APIs).
Track search statistics through google planner
Keyword analysis tool on the page to review and adjust accordingly.

The impression shown is calculated on the search page:
Outstanding Benefits of SEO Services

Customers are advised on how to choose keywords suitable for different business lines.
Consult the website content to meet the search engine requirements.
Committed to refund service fees for keywords that are not in line with the committed position.
24/7 support.
Report results will be sent to the customer whenever requested.
We are committed to the maximum of the first two months of the keyword placement in the Top 10 on the first page of Google search.
If before the first two months of the month, the customer's website location is displayed at 1-3, we will be charged at the time of display and deducted from the amount paid by the customer.
If after the first 2 months, your position does not show up to the Top 5, we will refund the full value of the contract that the customer paid before.

Payment Process SEO Services at TNET

For each project with different budgets for SEO services, we have a flexible, easy-to-use form of payment:
- For contracts valued at less than $455 usd: TNET requires customers to pay 100% of the cost to push top keywords immediately after signing the contract.
- For SEO contracts with a value of $455-$910 usd: The form of payment is divided into 2 times:

Part 1: You pay upfront 50% of expenses pushed TOP immediately after signing the contract.

Last 2: After SEO CAM push the keyword to TOP commitment + Maintain 1 month (warranty service). You pay the remaining 50% of the remaining contract costs.

- For SEO contract valued at $910 usd - $1,364 usd: The form of payment is divided into 3 phases:

Part 1: Party B pays Party A a 40% deposit fee for SEO services right after signing the contract.
The second time: Party B pays 30% to Party A. The charge pushes TOP immediately after Party B finishes pushing the keyword to the top 5 pages of google.
3rd time: Party B pays 30% of TOP fee to Party A after Party B completes push the keyword TOP.

- For SEO contracts valued at over $1,364 usd: The payment method is divided into 4 stages:

First time: Party A prepayment 30% charge TOP to deposit service
2nd time: Party A pays 20% fee to push TOP immediately after Party B pushes keyword on page 2.
3rd time: Party A pays 20% fee to push TOP immediately after Party B pushes to finish word on page google (Top 5).
4th time: Party A pays 30% fee to push TOP immediately after Party B pushing keyword according to TOP commitment + Full maintenance 1 month (Warranty service).

Please contact us for detailed advice: Email

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